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Consulting  Services

Consulting Service Package

Business owners are looking for someone who can help with the complexities and challenges of running a business. As a consultant, we come to the partnership as an expert in specific areas of the business. We provide specialized expert advice to create solutions for your business's unique challenges, leveraging our expertise and problem-solving skills to help you tackle specific issues. We share our techniques and strategies to create the vision, the plan, and the implementation. We help you make better decisions, think through big projects, and support you in solving problems to grow your business. We dive deep to assist you in addressing issues such as resources, system automation, financial analysis, cost structure, as well as other business processes for enhancing the business with emphasis on increased revenue.

​  We offer:

  • Business strategy and planning

  • Business operations evaluation

  • Processes and systems automation

  • Financial projections and analysis

  • Service and product offering and pricing

  • Cost management and pricing

  • Risk and compliance analysis

  • Project management

  • Employee management

Business Consulting Services



Advisory Service Package

Businesses face complex and challenging environments where they're often in transition, required to continuously change and transform to remain competitive and relevant. Our advisory service is designed to reflect your priorities, thinking strategically while managing and executing lasting change, based on a trusted  relationship, deep industry knowledge and professional experience. We can be strategically instrumental in helping you with the planning and financing aspects of the business, allowing you to focus more on the management side of things.


An advisor can be a major asset to your business. Think of us as an extension lending our expertise where needed. Our primary focus is the success of your business operation, provideing support to unlock business success. We will help you undertake and overcome weakness in specific areas of your business for sustainable growth.  We can assist in developing findings, conclusions, and recommendations for strategic decision making. Our advisory service is about helping you develop structure, systems and processes for improvement and long-term growth by tackling the big goals and overcoming obstacles. We specialize in helping small businesses and startups to gain traction by providing expert advice to help them create strategy for long term success.  We leverage our expertise in evaluating the company’s operations, monitoring accounts and preparing reports, and identifying potential opportunities.

​  We offer:

  • Guidance on financial investments to maximize capital

  • Long-term financial goal planning

  • Strategic planning for growth and expansion

Business Advisory Sevices



Coaching Serivce Package

Working with an experienced business coach can ultimately help you to achieve massive success. Coaching is all about personal and professional development that helps you experience true success by bringing out the greatness from within. Our approach is the belief that all people have the potential to succeed, and with the right support success is achievable in both their businesses professional and personal lives. The coaching process helps business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals to accelerate business and career growth by developing an optimistic mindset, reducing procrastination, increasing self-empowerment, and improving goal attainment.


As a business coach, we will work with you on vision, purpose, brainstorming for clarity, planning, implementation, and accountability. You will receive our proven methodology for achieving success and attracting what you have always wanted. We will help you think strategically, set goals and identify actions needed, while tracking your progress to reach those goals. Using expertise, wisdom, and practical experience working with clients, as well as her own corporate background, Windell shares powerful and effective tools to help you succeed.


Our goal is to help you discover your greatness by allowing you to maximize your true potential and live life with purpose. We help you to develop strengths and identify and mitigate weakness to grow in your business and personal lives. We will coach you on how to manage risk, increase productivity, increase employee engagement and increase the bottom-line.

​  We offer:

  • Business, executive, and leadership coaching

  • Career coaching

  • Financial coaching for greater financial security

  • Improved business communication skills

  • Problem solving accountability skills

  • Personal one on one coaching

Business Coaching Services

We understand that every dollar counts and every hour is precious.

That is why we create customized and flexible pricing plans for our clients that take into account affordability.

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