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About The Owner

Windell has been an accomplished business owner, accountant, and consultant for 16 years with over 34 years of extensive business, management, and financial experience with clients in various industries. She started her business consulting and advisory company in 2011 and added professional coaching in 2020 as an additional service for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals. Windell leads many seminars on business operations and also taught accounting and taxes at the college level. She is deeply committed to helping business owners and professionals grow their businesses, advance their career goals and achieve extraordinary results through a proactive approach.

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Education & Specialization

  • MBA - Master’s degree in business administration

  • MS - Master of Science degree, specialization in accounting

  • BS -  Bachelor of Science degree, specialization in accounting


  • CPA – Florida licensed certified public accountant

  • CPC - Certified Professional Coach

  • Financial Service Certification – Financial services and products


Windell’s mission has been to make top quality coaching, consulting and advisory services available and affordable to anyone who wants to run a successful business, manage his or her career and have a successful life.

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Who I Help

We work with small businesses, startups, non-profits, entrepreneurs, and professionals to achieve their business goals and operate at maximum potential. 

How I Do It

We tailor our custom services to fit your needs. Through strategic analysis of your business operations and goals, we can advise you on how best to manage and grow your business.

What's in It for You

We'll help you make better decisions, think through big projects and support you in solving problems to grow your business and create practical strategies for long-term sustainable success.

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